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O’Dwyer, C. Store and Deliver: Next Generation Rechargeable Batteries.

Nano – The Magazine for Small Science, Issue 16, February (2010).



















Collins, G.,  Fleming, P., Barth, S., O’Dwyer, C., Boland, J. J., Morris, M. A. and Holmes, J. D. Alkane and Alkanethiol Passivation of Halogenated Ge Nanowires. 

Chem. Mater. 22, 6370-6377 (2010).



















Diaz, C., Lavayen, V. & O’Dwyer, C. Single-crystal Micro/nanostructures and Thin Films of Lamellar Molybdenum Oxide by Solid-state Pyrolysis of Organometallic Derivatives of a Cyclotriphosphazene. 

J. Solid-State Chem. 183, 1595-1603 (2010).















Diaz, C., Valenzuela, M. L., Laguna, A., Lavayen, V., Jimenez, J., Power, L. A. and O’Dwyer, C.  Metallophosphazene Precursor Routes to the Solid-State Deposition of Metallic and Dielectric Microstructures and Nanostructures on Si and SiO2

Langmuir 26, 10223-10233 (2010).

















López-Cabaña, Z., Lavayen, V., O’Dwyer, C., Newcomb, S. B. & Torres, C. M. S. Comparative Study of High Resolution Electron Microscopy among Vanadium Oxide Nanotubes and NanoUrchins.

Acta Microscopica 16, C63-C65 (2010).



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