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McNulty, D., Geaney, H., Buckley, D. & O'Dwyer, C. High Capacity Binder-free Nanocrystalline GeO2 Inverse Opal Anodes for Li-ion Batteries with Long Cycle Life and Stable Cell Voltage.

Nano Energy 43, 11-21 (2018).














McNulty, D., Lonergan, A., O'Hanlon, S. & O'Dwyer, C. 3D open-worked inverse opal TiO2 and GeO2 materials for long life, high capacity Li-ion battery anodes. 

Solid State Ionics 314, 195-203 (2018).















van Dreunen, M., Collins, G., Glynn, C., O'Dwyer, C. & Holmes, J. Functionalization of SiO2 Surfaces for Si Monolayer Doping with Minimal Carbon Contamination. 

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2018).




















































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